Summer Season 2013 – First Impressions

The Spring season has ended and without letting anyone taking a breather, the Summer season has come to steal us away into our rooms and away from that thing called the…sun, I think that’s what its called anyway. The Spring line-up had a lot of very solid shows. Some were surprises like OreGairu, Maou Sama and, a personal favourite of mine, Arata Kangatari. It also had its fair share of controversy with the infamous rape scene in Valvrave (and some implied rape in other shows), the masses getting some massive erections from Shingeki no Kyojin, causing a massive rift in the anime community, and…OreImo…lets not talk about that. So with everything we have bared witness to, can the Summer season follow up in any way or even better then Spring?

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

Not much can be said on this. If you’ve read the manga, then good for you, because the show is more or less a complete adaptation of the manga while throwing in some jokes of its own and adding some nice visuals. Everyone had their worries prior to this about the seiyuu for Tomoko. I like to think she did a good job portraying her. The stuttering in her voice when she tries to make conversation, the cynical inner monologues she makes about her peers and the inner torment of “Am i kawaii? uguu” are all done surprisingly well. There is also the matter of the OP. I like it simply because it contradicts the show so much when you think of its contents. A heavy metal sing with Tomoko acting bat shit crazy is just amusing in its own way. Also, the actual song is cool as well

[HorribleSubs] Watamote - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.48_[2013.07.09_13.07.26]OP of the season. I love the way Tomoko looks so crazy in this.


Hue. This was either going to go 2 ways. 1) It gives off UtaPri vibes in being incredibly self aware and, in turn, is hilarious or 2) Shameless pandering to fujoshi. Thankfully, its the former. I cant exactly say anything about it other than “There were some guys swimming…There was also this other dude that always wore swimming trunks….yeah” so i’m not going to bother. Instead, I liked to congratulate OLDCODEX for moving up in the world of anime. Just last season they made the ED for Arata and now they have the OP for Free!. I just think that’s kinda funny.1372866938602Women? In Free!? Bold move, KyoAni, bold move.

Kiniro Mosaic

Cute. Just cute. Some might say 2cute. This was one of the “moe” shows that I said I would watch for a laugh. I had to massage my face after watching it cause I was smiling for the entire thing. i don’t know what it was or how they did it but…I just couldn’t stop smiling. So yeah, its caught my interest.[HorribleSubs] Kiniro Mosaic - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.10_[2013.07.09_16.45.29]I can hear the HNNNNNGGs from a mile away.

Dangan Ronpa

My initial thoughts on this show were quite positive. I thought that it created its world nicely, its got a wide array of characters and the voice cast is good as well with Ogata Megumi playing the male lead and others like Yoko Hikasa, Sawashiro Miyuki and Ishida Akira. I thought this. Right up until I played the actual game for Dangan Ronpa. Holy crap, this is poorly paced. The first episode alone covered around one hour of solid gameplay. Its also making events happen that is convenient to the anime, such as characters doing actions that other characters did and rearranging certain events to cut down on air time. They also managed to leave out some rather important plot points but i’m hoping those will be covered later. Still, i’m curious to see how it covers some things though, like if the blood is going to be hot pink and also how the class trials are going to be fun (I hope). All in all, I recommend playing the game. [UTW]_Danganronpa_The_Animation_-_01_[h264-720p][A15D14F2].mkv_snapshot_05.20_[2013.07.09_16.51.20]Oy vey.

Servant x Service

And so we move on to the comedy of the season and a rather decent one at that. The comedy in this show isn’t what you call “original” or “fresh”, however it manages to deal with these tropes if you will and make them rather amusing. My only real concern for the show is that it will repeat the same jokes with just different scenarios. But if I were to judge on this episode alone, then I say its definitely worth a watch.[HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.25_[2013.07.05_14.42.39]10/10 Would hang out for a beer.

Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu

Another “moe” show I watched on a whim. So glad I did. I’d be lying if I said the show didn’t catch my attention when reading about it. GAINAX making a show about cute girls shooting at other cute girls. The only thing that was stopping me was my post Keion trauma that left me turning my heel on a show that would be described as “cute”. But thinking that Yuru Yuri aired in the last Summer season, I thought I try a few shows out, and this was one of them. Watching this, I realised that GAINAX surely is saving the industry. I think I laughed more at this show then I did with any other show this season. Truly a masterpiece. Rivals Evangelion. Would recommend to a friend.[Anime-Koi] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 01 [h264-720p][F2C0C15F].mkv_snapshot_09.06_[2013.07.05_13.38.13]“HOMONA HENTAI DESU~” Best girl.

Uchouten Kazoku

I’m not sure what it was about this show but it just felt…right. It had a certain charm about that was just fascinating to watch. The fantastic artwork done by P.A works along with the modern setting and supernatural premise just…works. There isn’t any other words to describe it honestly. My expectations for this show were pretty low as the premise just sounded too ridiculous that I might end up hating it or just making sub par but this episode blew those expectations out of the water and proceeded to laugh at them. The synopsis of this show simply gives the background to the show whereas the actual show deals with events dealing with that background. Its handled really well and is definitely worth your time.[HorribleSubs] Uchouten Kazoku - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.30_[2013.07.09_16.54.41]P.A works saving anime, one masterpiece at a time.

Brothers Conflict


Highschool DxD New

I watched the first season of DxD for the boobs and for a laugh, however the finale of the show was kinda…decent. It actually got me hyped for a potential season 2. And a season 2 is what we got. And what we got were more boobs and more laughs. I counted it, it was 3 seconds into the episode when we feasted our eyes on Rias uncensored bust. I wasnt shocked at all. In fact, if it didn’t do that, I would be kinda worried. The show differs from its prequel by saying “Hey, boobs are cool and all but we want to go somewhere with this season” by giving Kiba an interesting background and story. It was nice to see him develop into something other than just a highschool playboy. However, everyone one else is simply an object for fan service…not like i’m complaining or anything…its just…yeah[FFF] Highschool DxD NEW - 01 [5628B610].mkv_snapshot_01.30_[2013.07.08_01.26.19]I don’t think anything sums DxD better than this screencap.

Blood Lad 

I like to think as this as a comedy so i’m going to label it as one. The one thing the strikes me about this show is the art style. I think its done very nicely and is very pleasing for the eye. Its very colourful and captures the mood of the show nicely. The actual show itself is alright I guess. Nothing really stands out as of yet in the plot other than the setting. However, I am a sucker for the type of shows that the MC is brought to a new world and has to adapt accordingly so this show should a pretty fun watch for me at least.[HorribleSubs] Blood Lad - 01v2 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.56_[2013.07.09_16.58.05]Softest anime airing this season.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou

This show is…meh. I can compliment it on trying something original but that’s only what i can compliment it on. Comedy is funny at times but is also cringe worthy at other times, the characters can be interesting at times but also flat and cliché at other times. You can see where I’m going with this. It can do things right but can also fail at the same things entirely. I guess that’s another compliment it on, being able to do things right and do the same things wrong in the same episode.[HorribleSubs] Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.01_[2013.07.09_17.01.36]One of the scenes done right. Female lead contemplating having sex with a dog. Yeah.

Makai Ouji

Standard. That’s it. Just standard. I walked away from the pilot and just said “meh”. Nothing turned me away but nothing grasped my attention. The seiyuu cast is good, I guess.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

The black horse of this season. It has the potential to do great but it also has the potential to fail greatly. However, the first episode was really well done. It set up its world with grace, introduced the characters smoothly and showed off its character designs fantastically. The general reaction from this show was positive and there wasnt any real, huge complaints, so im guessing that everyone else is on the same wavelength as I. Well, you know what had the same compliments from me this time last year. Sword Art Online. Yeah, I went there.[DeadFish] Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi - 01 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_07.23_[2013.07.09_17.03.54]This was a real cute scene. Then it was followed by suffering. Why does this thing keep happening?

The World God Only Knows – Goddess Arc

Looks like Manglobe really cant count to three. Anyways, this season sees the return of our hero, Keima Katsuragi. With the coming of this season, is the skipping of the arcs in between the Goddess arc. Some people were angry at this and some people didn’t care. I’m the latter of the two. To animate those arcs AND get the goddess arc which we all wanted would’ve been impossible due to lack of budget on Manglobes side. The season starts off with the introduction of Apollo and in turn indicates the arc that WILL sell. There was nothing really to talk about other than the last 5 minutes or so. It was glorious. The memory regain, the blushing Kanon and the confession. I couldn’t handle it. I was prepared for it. I knew it was going to happen. But I couldn’t handle it. It was perfection. Toyama Nao did a great performance as Kanon and its worth the wait and skipped chapters. My only real concern is that the pacing is going to jump throughout the show, as in go from being slow to being fast. It might be tough to cover a hundred or so chapters in 1 cour when the first episode covered 3 chapters. Regardless, it will be entertaining and they will have to do something major to make me hate this show.[HorribleSubs] The World God Only Knows - Goddesses Arc - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.44_[2013.07.08_20.15.38]Almost had a heart attack here.

Monogotari – Second Season

Not sure why im watching this. Maybe because im a completionist or I just want to see the shitstorms. either way I’m watching it. If there is only one  thing I can compliment the show is that it manages to look good and sneak a funny joke from time to time…yeah that’s it really.[HorribleSubs] Monogatari Series Second Season - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.13_[2013.07.09_17.08.41]I love the faces though.

Love Lab

Was honestly just about to publish this when I remembered about this show. Guess that says it all doesn’t it? In all seriousness, this was a funny show. Nothing much else to it though. Just funny and cute. Oh, and that Maki is olev. I’m sorry if you are disappointed but a show where two girls make a club to learn about hand holding and boys kinda speaks for itself.[Commie] Love Lab - 01 [708F7A56].mkv_snapshot_05.07_[2013.07.09_17.12.00]Ive realised lately than I need a defibrillator on hand when watching anime.

Gatchaman Crowds

GATCHAAA- You know what, no, I’m not going there. The first thing that struck me about this anime is the visuals. The anime takes a very modern approach and it works sublimely well. The colours worked in keep your attention and doesn’t allow you to look away for a second. The second thing that struck me was how incredible Hajime is. Her seiyuu does a fantastic job portraying her, despite her biggest role being Rikka from Chuu2. She sounds so authentic and her lines dont sound forced in any way. She does a perfect job. Another thing about her is that she overshadows a lot of generic male leads with her “I got powers now? SWEET, LETS KICK SOME ASS!” attitude. It makes the story more exciting and just more fun to watch. One last thing I would like to compliment the anime on is that it quite subtly tells us about its world and creates mystery behind it. An example of which was when the two students were sitting on the school stairs talking about Gatchaman. This tells us that Gatchaman are known as a myth or an urban legend. I think it was done really nicely.1373647894166:>

Gin no Saji

Growing up in rural Ireland, farmland is all around you, no matter where you look. I’ve seen numerous cows taking shits in numerous fields, smelt the smell of many unfortunate chickens, seen many farmers chop the fur off many confused sheep  etcetc. So when I heard an anime about agriculture was in the works, my initial thoughts were “Oh boy, I get to see what I see everyday IN ANIME FORM…think I might give this skip”. But after hearing much hype from people and seeing the production quality, I decided to give it a go. I sure am glad I did. This is anime similar to Uchouten Kazoku as in it has its charm about it that makes it worthwhile. Just seeing everyday life in the school is just fascinating. It has its comedic elements that are interesting to say the least. It could be as brutal as chopping a chickens head off or as simple as animals chewing on Yugo’s clothes.[HorribleSubs] Gin no Saji - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.41_[2013.07.12_22.09.22]Damn, why couldn’t they censor this?

This Summer season promises a lot of good and interesting shows with very few exceptions. We have a wide array of comedy, shounen, shoujo, shorts and sequels, each offering something different. I doubt I will drop any of these shows (well, I dont drop anime in general) and many have me looking forward to its respective airing date. Overall, this season shows plenty of promise and only something colossally big can cause me to differ my opinion.  


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