Fall 2013 Anime Impressions – Pret gud

I’m lazy. I am currently writing my ALO post but that’s going at a snails pace. I had plans to write on other things but I didn’t cause I should finish ALO. So, to fill this gap of nothingness, I’m taking the easy way out and writing a “Seasonal Anime Impressions” post, the easiest thing you can write ever. Seriously, all you have to say is “Yeah, I like it. Animation is neat and the music is pretty cool. I like it” or “Yeah, its not the best, Animation is sub par and the music is meh, I don’t like it”. But, I will at least try and go the extra mile with this and put some effort into it. Who knows, I might even mention  the seiyuu cast.I do not intend to write about every show I’m watching as I am watching a decent amount (23 shows) so I will keep to the ones that stand out to me.

The Good

Samurai Flamenco

1384429724062This is a somewhat hidden gem this season. A lovely, playful show that is about a unsung “superhero” trying to fight justice for the greater good. Manglobe are behind this one and they are actually trying with this show. While I’m watching it, there isn’t a second where I can look away. Hazama is a genuine funny and cool guy. Goto is the straight forward cop that shows sign of heart break. Mari is…is….great. Just great. Fantastic even. Basically, the entire cast are a lovable bunch that are supremely entertaining. Thats what makes this show. The cast. If they weren’t how they were and were just some cookie-cutter tropes copy and pasted from every anime ever then this show wouldn’t even be close of reaching the peak it is at now. Lets just hope they can maintain this high and not crash down in a fiery mess.

Log Horizon

54267lMost of my thoughts on Log Horizon are still the same from my other post. Generally, there isn’t really anything I can poke flaws at here. MMO elements are realistic and cool. Characters are showing no signs of growing stale. Creates genuine emotion and thoughts when watching. From where it is now, Its leaving me with enough satisfaction to put it high up my favourite anime list.  The introduction of Nyanta gave LH a new spice of life and with the mystery of Shiroe’s plan, I’m left begging for more. Oh yeah, and Akatsuki is still the best.

Galilei Donna

1384061400080Three young girls with the aid of a pirate played by Hiroshi Kamiya are trying to solve Gailio’s mystery. I think that premise is pretty interesting if I do say so myself. Again, this is another show that seems to have flown under many peoples radar. With an amazing OP, Galilei Donna is turning out to be a contender for AOTS. It runs on a original plot that keeps you guessing each episode. It kinda reminds of Valvrave where each episode has its own little “surprise”, except its toned down 100 times. And without vampires. *Insertbestsisterthinghere*

Ace of Diamond

54235lSports anime have never been on the top of peoples watchlist. I, myself, was only excited for this show because I heard Hanae Natsuki was playing a main role so I was going to watch it regardless. I never expected it to be enjoyable! The baseball in this show plays a big part in it but that doesn’t mean you have to like baseball to like this show. The comedy is great and its all round fun show and one I look forward to every Sunday. I admit its not a show for everyone since comedy is the most subjective thing out there and the entire idea of sports can repulse someone but at least check out the ED by Yoko Hikasa. Its fantastic.

Honourable Mentions

  • Tokyo Ravens
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
  • Kakumeiki Valvrave S2
  • Ars Nova

The Bad

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

52633lLet me tell you the formula for each episode of Wrestling Boobs
>10 minutes of “EIITAII YOOOO~”
>5 mins of DEEP “Wrestling is srs stuf fellas”
>5 mins of idol fan service
>2 mins of “If I try hard enough, I can X so I can Y”
>3 mins of OP and ED
And that’s how you make this show. If that all appeals to you, then be my guest and watch it.When I started this show, I thought I would have a good laugh watching it. HA! NOPE! CAN’T LAUGH IF ITS PAINFUL TO WATCH! At least the seiyuu cast is nice…I guess.

BlazBlue: Alter Memory

56137lI’m sure the games are great. I’m sure its the anime’s fault for making this franchise look bad. I’m sure the characters make up for the lacklustre plot. I’m sure of this. However, this anime sucks. Its boring, character motivations are not clear, things happen because why not and the animation is leaving much to be desired. It gives the message to the anime only viewers to play the games, something I don’t really have an interest in. I was hoping this would just tell me the story of BlazBlue in an interesting way so I don’t have to play the games but looks like I’m left with no choice but abandon that train of thought.

Nagi no Asukara

53549lOh to be hyped for this show again. I remember it was the Fall season of 2012 when this was announced. “An original project with Hanae Natsuki and Hanazawa Kana to be animated by P.A Works”. Awesome! Two of my favourite seiyuus are going to be pairing up for one of my favourite studios. What could go wrong? Mari Okada, that’s what. She writes the most melodramatic bullshit in anime. And what did we get in NnA? Melodramatic bullshit. So long is the interesting plot of sea people. Sayonara to the use of great vocal talent. Adiós to the possibly good NTR romance anime. In summery,
Fuck you Mari Okada.

Honourable Mentions

  • Noukome
  • Yuushibu
  • Infinite Stratos S2

The Meh

Golden Time

52091lI like Golden Time. Don’t like it enough to call it good though. I do have some flaws with it that stick out too much for me. Namely, the show seems to concentrate on Koko a little too much. The show would be doing itself justice if it focused more on Tada and Linda since, y’know, they have problems other than “Wahhh, I’m so pretty and popular that I don’t know who to trust. Woe is me! Q.Q” Not a single ounce of sympathy was evoked from me for Koko. Whereas, Linda and Tada on the other hand, I actually give 2 shits about them. I do have some other faults with Golden Time but basically, if it shifts its focus into gear, I will like it a hell of a lot more.

Kill la Kill

54379lIts fun. That’s it really. I can’t really critique it since its achieving what it is aiming for, fun. So yeah…that’s about it. Like, I could go on how its just filler up until now and how everything has been a “disappointed” but with everything given for this show, I was expecting all this. Pure, nonsensical fun. Anything else than that would disappoint me. But “fun” alone can’t make a show good mind you. Just because something keeps you laughing and entertained doesn’t necessarily mean its good. It certainly doesn’t make it bad but if that were the case, every shounen out there would be considered a masterpiece.

Kyoukai no Kanata

53111lThis show started off pretty bad, then it had a decent 4th episode then it went to mediocrity. But now, we are moving to the “main event” of the show and things are starting to get rather interesting. However, it would be foolish of me to simply discredit the opening of the show and praise the living shit out of this portion of it. The good is in direct proportion with the bad and its kinda in this kinda awkward middle ground. Basically. KnK doesn’t really deserve all the shit its getting but on the same token it doesnt deserve the praise its receiving as well. But hey, at least the ED is great.

Honourable Mentions

  • Strike the Blood
  • Outbreak Company
  • Coppelion
  • Monogatari S2
  • Teekyuu S3

That about wraps things up here. I will be sure to let you know if my opinion changes on any of these shows. So far, my general impression on this season is very positive. The good shows out way the negatives by tonnes. Sure, there is your fair share of disappointments, fan service fests and poor adaptations but that’s standard with every season. When we have shows like Samurai Flamenco, Galilei Donna, Ace of Diamond and Log Horizon, complaining would only make me look like a an elitist prick. There are a fair share of 2-cour shows airing this season though. My only wish is that they do not falter throughout their course. Or rather “Fall” in quality…WELP. BACK TO CHINESE CARTOONS.


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