Infinite Stratos – Why.

Why? A common yet very philosophical word. “Why cant I have this candy Mommy?” “Why is there war?” “Why did I fail this exam?” “Why do we have people dying of hunger in our modern day world?”. These questions can often be answered with “That is just how the world is”. Then why is our world like this? We can turn to religious figures for advice, scientists for evidence, or parents for reassurance. But the only person who can answer this question is you. The world is what you make it to be. You can run around your neighbourhood, screaming that judgement day is imminent. OR, you can help a girl with her troubles and have her  sway at your every move. Hell, WHY settle for ONE? GRAB LIFE BY THE BALLS AND ASK FOR AN ENTIRE QUINTET OF BABES! THAT is what a man full of life once did. One man had the courage to stand up and say “Why is not going to lead my path in life, I AM”. His story has been told. This story is called Infinite Stratos.

Ichika Orimura. Drink it in. That name is considered fable in many tribes. A name that can be heard in whispers in the 4bb4bb4645491f95ab322217c8b90cc7night. A name that seized your child’s play. A name that sends tingles down every other woman’s spine. A name so infamous that he has been declared a “gay dude who is a homosexual “. My oh my, how could you be so wrong. Whenever Ichika is confronted with a moral dilemma in his life, usually involving a woman since he grabs life by the balls, he does not let it get the better of him. He blushes in embarrassment, closes his eyes to protect his pure heart but, as faith would have it, he would unwillingly succumb  to the desires of a feeble boy and divulges the nearest females panties or feasts upon the closest bosom. This lapse in judgement is usually met with a blow to the face with a killing remark of “ICHIKA NO HENTAIIIIII~!” I assure you ladies and gentlemen. Ichika Orimura is not a hentai desu. He is a man.

Now, I can proclaim Ichika’s name from the heavens for the rest of my shadow of a life but that is not what I, nor you, are 2d4e8f2a8c0d71e5487770094d7acd39here for. You want to know about the external influences on this brave lad’s life. Like, “What was his cock-hungry quintet like?” or “How is this story told in relation to factors such as “Pay-sing” and “Khar-ack-tour dee-vell-op-mint”” Well my darling, this story excels in every category. What would be described as “shameful pandering to lowlife otaku” is actually masterly crafted story-telling that would bring a tear to the eye of many scholars. Fan-service? More like an explicit insight to the human anatomy! One-dimensional characters? More like characters so deep that they only show one-dimension. An abomination that kills brain cells? More like the deepest, thought-provoking piece of art since Evahnjellion!

The quintet is truly a work of beauty, both physically and emotionally. Infinite Stratos shows its passion for world peace 50a57b67f46b41726b9244a796ea1fe8by having many races integrating in a space. Beauties from China, England, Russia, Germany, France and ,of course, the magnificent land of Niihhon, the country of the setting moon. Being an Englishman that has been confused for looking Asian on multiple occasions, I greatly appreciate the addition of Rin, Houki and Cecilia. These pure goddesses craft a romance so gripping, everyone and their dog’s mother turned a head blushing. Their passion for Ichika is one so strong that it breaks him, sometimes physically. Whenever their pure, untouched, flawless figures are exposed to the beast of a man, they have to protect their bodies and make Ichika suffer from temporary amnesia to forget this shameful display of skin. To do so, they usually resort to violence. One can admire this in relation to independence and strength of the modern day woman. Wow, not only is Infinite Stratos  promoting world peace, it also supports women rights! Truly a humble yet gracious work of art.

You may have noticed that I failed to mention two countries, those being Germany and France. I have a bone to pluck IS229with these two succubus. Both of these two whores play as the temptation to our supreme protagonist. With sexual assault and multiple public displays of perversion,  they try to win over our Ichika with lust rather than love. Despite having what some people would call “Wasted potential” or being “Koi fish in a sewer”, I believe their stories are elongated wastes that only show how patient out hero is with sluts like these. Our mighty leader shows excellent personal skills when dealing with matters with the devilish duo. He withstands their sexual persuasions to only blow it back in their whore mouths by spending time with our other pure maidens.

Charlotte’s and Laura’s backgrounds have seemingly warranted Ichika’s approval of “Damsel in distress” and saves the used goods from a pressured family situation and a destructive internal struggle for acceptance. Pffft, talk about whiny. As a result of saving them and, in turn, making them better people, they fall for him for providing them with a new lease on life. This is where the story falters. Compared to the others reasons for falling in love with Ichika, in Rin’s case, it was because he went to her family’s restaurant regularly, Cecilia’s case being for her being able to beat the living shit out of him (which was a fluke. Ichika never loses. Ever) and Houki for going to the same kendo club as him when they were little, they both seem so incredibly shallow and artificial. If this show did not condone these two whores then it would be the Citizen Kane of everything.

Lets look at how the show presents itself to us in the form of animation and sound. The company in charge of animation 0b90042da95046987dc37457a19d8a86was 8-bit who were behind such masterpieces like “Busou Shinki” and “Walkure Romanze” so the standard has been raised high for this show. Boy oh boy, does this show follow suit and then some. With breath taking CG and astounding lip animations, it makes The Garden of Words look like Mars of Destruction produced by Studio DEEN in the Winter season. Each character looks unique with well defined body parts and faces. It is a spectacle to behold.

The audio work is as impressive as the visuals. With a totally original OP, beautifully crafted “running ED” (for both seasons to boot) and a ear-gasmic dub cast, your ears would want to take you out for dinner. I would mention the seiyuu cast but who the fuck cares about Yoko Hikasa, Hanazawa Kana, Inoue Marina, Saito Chiwa and Tamara Yukari?

So. I ask you again. Why? Why oh why? Infinite Stratos. That’s why.


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