About The Aoi Tori

Welcome to TheAoiTori’s blog. Before you ask, This is not an Aoi Tori parody account or whatever. I chose the name simply because 1) I really liked his character and 2) I’m lazy and can’t come up with good names. I guess that’s the background behind my character. Sorry that it is so shitty.

I started to get into anime in around 2011. I was bored one day and said to myself “Hey, you know that anime thing that a lot of people are so crazy for, I wonder what the big deal is about it”. I went on a random streaming site and looked for the most “normal looking” anime, that anime being Myself ; Yourself. I liked it. A lot. So much so that I watched many other shows like Evangelion, Code Geass, Death Note, TTGL etc. However I only really got serious about anime in the Summer of 2012. I started to watch airing shows. The reason why is that a certain anime called Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon was getting its second season and I was excited as fuck. I couldn’t wait for it to end say I decided to watch while it airs. It was kinda nostalgic in a weird way. Waiting a week for your favourite show brought me back to the Saturday mornings spent watching cartoons. (By the way, I’m laughing to myself right now, I went full circle from watching western cartoons to watching anime. I dont know why but I find that kinda funny). I wanted more. That season I started watching SAO, Kokoro Connect, Tari Tari, Yuru Yuri, Dakara Boku and some others. I guess that started the addiction with anime. I went far beyond simply watching it (as you can probably tell, I’m kinda writing about it) but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

So that’s my story. It was sappy as hell but whatever.


If you want to know more about me, my taste or just want to play some vidya then here are a few links:

Steam: TheAoiTori
Twitter: @TheAoiTori
MAL: TheAoiTori
PSN: TheAoiTori

(Basically, just look up TheAoiTori and it will most likely be me)


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