RE: Can English-Speaking Fans Critique Japanese Voice Acting?

I’m sick and a little buzzed on cough syrup. I also haven’t published any posts in 8 months. Which means that it is the perfect time to write something about Chinese cartoons. Well, not really about cartoons themselves but rather the voices that are behind them.

So, one day I come across this article. Do you ever find something so incredibly stupid that you just have to show someone? Like, it could just be as simple as a dog eating its own shit or Donald Drumpf spewing shit while the crowds eat it up (that one is for the Americans, you’re welcome). This basically that kind of article. But instead of just showing it to anyone, I’m gonna talk about how stupid it is cause I’m just one big ol masochist.

On the 26th of February 2016, ANN published an Answerman article called “Can English-Speaking Fans Critique Japanese Voice Acting?“. Short answer, yes. Long answer, yeessssssss. But seriously, to save you the trouble of reading the article itself, a fan or something writes into the All Anime Knowing Deity that is the Answerman, querying whether or not non-Japanese speaking anime watchers can criticize the acting within an anime because he has a friend studying drama that said “FMA:B has some shitty ass acting mate, there is no grey area and shit, its just black and white. I’m so fucking deep man” or whatever drama majors say (It should be noted that I am paraphrasing here). What struck me as odd really is that his friend only really talked about the acting in FMA:B, which is surprising in 2 ways. 1) Surely there are more talking points in FMA:B than just the acting right? Like there is a lot going on in that show with a lot to take in and yet, his main talking point is the acting and not like, I don’t know the directing? It just struck me as odd. 2) I really don’t think that FMA:B has bad acting in it. Granted I haven’t finished it yet but, from scenes I’ve already seen, the acting is pretty well done and nicely delivered, while still sticking to those old fashioned anime-acting tropes.
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