2014 – A Year In Review (By means of a Top 10)

A lot of things happened this year but being the absolute pleb I am, I’m just going to talk about the anime that aired this year in the form of a Top 10 list. Simple rules apply to the list being that the anime must have finished in 2014 so shows like Nanatsu no Taizai or Log Horizon season 2 are not applicable but Samurai Flamenco and Log Horizon Season 1 are. That’s it really. Without further chit chat, here I go.


Nobunaga Concerto

fbffb380db8062339d290dddb0ffed9bNobunaga Concerto was a weird show in the sense that it was a promotion to a TV Drama that was set to air shortly after the finale of the anime. Thus, it didn’t actually sell any Blu-Rays or get any sort of marketing. It was a strange project but because it was strange, it allowed some sort of freedom that you don’t see much of nowadays. There was a distinct lack of fan-service as the animation was all done through artsy rotoscoping, good rotoscoping, unlike Aku no Hana. The show tells the story of a young teenager forced into the Warring States era of Japan, under the ruse of the legendary daimyo, Nobunaga Oda. This type of plot line is a personal haven for me as I generally like the idea of a foreign being shoved into another world, or better yet timeline, and watching them adjust to said change. Nobunaga Concerto got this down to a tee and it was fascinating. Also, it doubled as a history lesson as the events that took place within the show were the historical events from Nobunaga Oda’s history. Who says anime kills my brain?


No Game No Life

87dad80b72b00f24c244b80e59fc6c06Being one of the most popular shows to air this year, it was quite hard to ignore.Generally within every anime season, there is one or two shows that get a decent amount of popularity and is talked about quite frequently. for better or for worse. No Game No Life was this show in the Spring Season of this year. No Game No Life flourished as it progressed through it course with multiple peaks of excitement. But the one thing that it excels at is producing excitement. Many people can cite flaws with the show, however I have yet to hear a person say they were bored during NGNL. If you look at No Game No Life as merely as a fun or exciting watch then it is amazing but it if you look for something more than that, then you are just fooling yourself and missing out on a great show.


Highschool DxD New

1680a8db4a630adb93c07a96ae572006I’m serious here when I say this. Highschool DxD New is genuinely a good show. I’m going to take that one to the grave. A lot of people criticise DxD for just being borderline-Hentai and pandering but usually those people are more shallow than a piss puddle so lets ignore them. What DxD does amazingly is that it is a subtle parody of certain anime genres and tropes while still having substance to back it up. Parody in anime is so poorly done nowadays that it is mainly cringe-worthy to painful. From Gintama which bases its comedy around loud noises and blatant plagiarism to Watamote which made me feel guilty for enjoying anime, its not surprising that people will look at these are say that they are what parody is without giving much thought to other shows. So when a show with the main character nearly killing himself and his opponent with failure being the reduction of breast sizes by half or tit-cannons, it’s just “pandering”. Screw you guys, Highschool DxD New is amazing.


Selector Infected WIXOSS

b323b726f2ad951943b98fadbca048f1Both seasons of WIXOSS ended in 2014 however I will just focus on the first season since that one is my favourite. WIXOSS had many themes thrown into it which all compliment each other; greed, purity being tainted and the longing for destruction, all within high school girls. Terrific. WIXOSS was surprisingly written by Mari Okada who has penned many…uhh..”great” shows like M3, Nagi no Asukara and uhh….point is, she amazed me on this show with its grim-dark themes without bordering on the edgy or melodramatic side of things. WIXOSS was clinical at using symbolism and fore-shadowing so that so many of the twists did have that needed shock value while being very valid. The finale was one of my favourites of this year though, mainly the aftermath of the battle between Ruuko and Iona. The desperation in Ruuko’s voice amass all the destruction and chaos around her after Tama seemingly betrayed her for her own wishes, disregarding the code of the LRIG’s. It all happened so quickly and was so fast-paced that it left me bewildered. While season 2 was not as spectacular, I at least appreciated the ride that was WIXOSS.


Tokyo Ghoul

sample-20258a85e31dc08285bd807ff4efb4b7Tokyo Ghoul caused a decent amount of controversy this year for being unfaithful to its source material. Generally, this annoys a few people here and there but the vast majority of the audience enjoys the ride and watches what the anime can do. However, since the Tokyo Ghoul manga is an apparent God sent, simply cutting out a one word of it is blasphemy. As a result, Tokyo Ghoul was criticized for being edgy and having a lack of depth. Obviously, I disagree. Tokyo Ghoul had a very substantial theme with Kaneki, that being corruption. Not necessarily a corruption of greed or evil but rather having his innocence and good-nature tainted from within him. It also does something that I’m surprised that a lot of people didn’t actually compliment it on. If you take out Yamori and his crew, there really isn’t no “bad guy” in the show. Both the humans and the ghouls are portrayed having ugly and beautiful sides to each of them. They are both forced into a conflict that in turn forces out the ugly side in everyone, diminishing the good. Everyone has a valid reason to fight and the viewer is thrown into the middle of this war, conflicted over the true justice in the show. Even the only just character, Kaneki, is no longer fair by the end of the last episode, one of the greatest episodes of anime that I have ever seen. The show is told from Kaneki’s perspective, who is forsaking both of his sides for the vast majority of the show. Just like Kaneki, we are able to see the good in both sides. But by the end, when Kaneki devours Yamori, its quite sad and nearly disturbing that the only person in the show  that we can relate to has become no better than a monster, or rather a ghoul in literal terms, because of this war and the disgusting side of humanity and Ghouls alike.


Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

850065fc1f3453bb95b6ea32748fdca9Kawaisou was a show that flew under many people’s radar. It was a great show in the sense of performing Slice of Life well. Usually SoL is either the standard cute girls doing cute things or some fantastical romance and it fails the core concept of what it is, being a slice of life. Kawaisou nails this though and never fails to be boring. Characters are extremely lovable and the situations range from humorous to rather stressful. These situations are present in every other SoL you see but Kawaisou shares a vein with another one of my favourite shows, Tari Tari. It keeps itself grounded in reality. Its quite stupid to say this when talking about a SoL but what I mean is that Kawaisou doesn’t seem to be this far away utopia where everyone is happy and there is no problems at all yadayadayada like you see in stuff like K-On or Haganai. For doing such a basic thing as creating reality within fiction, I have nothing but compliments for the show.


 Silver Spoon Season 2

2544d13f5dc3bc8c9138fc633684959cA subtle weakness is always nice to see. Something that only becomes relevant 7 or 8 episodes into a series yet it feels like its been there the entire time. Silver Spoon perfected this with Hachiken, being a “selfless freak”. The entire “A little bit too nice” character trope tends to be used quite poorly as they are pretty much saying “WHY CAN’T I HELP BEING SO NICE SOMEONE KILL ME I’M A SAINT!”. Stuff like Kokoro Connect or any harem you look at really tends to make this a positive thing but not Silver Spoon. From collapsing to various personal family strains, all of this could be solved if Hachiken was a little bit selfish. This was only a little bit of what made Silver Spoon so great. Again, it was like Kawaisou being that it was grounded in reality but the characters were so finely tuned that the drama side of things were almost tormenting at times, especially with Hachiken’s family. Its funny to think that a farming show has better character writing than the vast majority of shows out there.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

01ce22672780c9b6b2e10de18253874cI’m just going to cut the bullshit and say that Nozaki-kun is fucking hilarious. Its sad that most comedies made nowadays have no….well, comedy. But not Nozaki-kun. This is the other type of parody that I love, making fun of tropes in a genre by completely going over the top with them. Ouran Koukou Host Club did this but it wasn’t all that funny and it ended up actually becoming a typical shoujo by the end. Nozaki-kun keeps its charm all the time but seemingly tops itself in craziness every other episode. If there is any show that ended in 2014 that needs a second season, its Nozaki-kun


Log Horizon Season 1

ead2ce11fe050cd22e309cedb7a3bcabI like the type of person who says “Yeah I like Spice and Wolf…think it would be better if it was set in an MMO though”. Log Horizon incorporates some MMO economics (as shallow as they tend to be) with a touch of action and romance…like Spice and Wolf. I appreciate a show that tries to focus on politics over action to keep the interest in the show and the majority of season 1 did do that. There were various run-ins with some PKer’s and other villains but those were to add to the MMO feel of the show but at its root, Log Horizon was a very well thought out show in a compelling side that I didn’t think was possible. Since Log Horizon was so well thought out, all it needed was a lovable cast of characters and by god did it have it. Only Inari Konkon topped it by creating OTP’s.


 Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

1305d403c0264c8161f63c29247d8175In the end, it couldn’t be anything but this. The second season of Magi is an epic that should be experienced by everyone. Its not the epitome of character writing but it does something that most shounen miss out on, creating excitement, grief, worry or happiness for characters in the show. Magi triumphs in this respect, its characters are insanely lovable and entertaining that when they are putting their lives on the line or are going through any trauma, you can’t help but just want to be there with them. The directing as well is insanely well done where it makes use of various symbolism or even a look on a certain character’s face. It handles comedic timing with ease and the drama with care. It is a show that is near perfection in my eyes. I don’t want to go into details with the show as there could be certain people that have yet to watch it but if you haven’t, I highly recommend that you start now. Season 1 of Magi was pretty amazing but this season took everything it had and doubled it in greatness. Magi was a magical roller coaster ride that I will not forget anytime soon and it was what made 2014 a great year for anime for me.

Honorable Mentions

  • Barakamon: An easygoing show with a not so easygoing protagonist. Barakamon was many people’s highlight of the year with its great comedy and down to earth cast of characters with some nice drama to boot.
  • Aldnoah.Zero: The Slaine pain train will maintain the same pain with nothing to gain, it is insane. A/Z wb2aeb233fdb00ceff28dfb8b956baaebas a spectacular with some flaws here and there but the characters give the entertainment that is desired.
  • Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta: A little undiscovered gem that started off quite well. It had some amazing air fight scenes with some moments of nice character writing. Some melodrama was present but hey, I enjoyed what I got.
  • Tokyo Ravens: A magic show that doesn’t fall into the many traps that magic shows tend to have. It added far too many characters than it should have but the main cast of characters were great and made the show fantastic.
  • Samurai Flamenco: What a wild ride this was. With a out of control plot line seeming to take any route it pleased but still having some integrity to keep everything together, Samumenco was one of the positives of 2014 for me.
  • Noragami: A show that I wasn’t even planning on watching in the first place. Ties in Japanese gods quite well to make an interesting story. Anime original ending has its pluses too but the main positive that I got from the show was the fantastic chemistry between the main characters
  •  Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha (A.K.A OTP Generator 2014) :  While the actual story itself isn’t anything solid, the cast of characters certainly made up for that. The characters felt so…comfortable to watch, like if I kept watching them then I will just forget all my worries and get immersed in their world.
  • Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin: This is kinda similar to Koi Iroha in the sense that it is very comfortable to watch. The traps in which the cast were thrown into were very entertaining and it helped that the actual characters were also great to watch. I like to point out Asumi Kana’s performance as she nailed her comedic scenes perfectly.

Well, that’s all it is for the positives. 2014 was a pretty decent year for anime but that doesn’t mean it was perfect. There were a solid number of bad to meh shows this year and here is 5 of the worst.


Akame ga Kill

ed604ddb310a23180a1259fe6e1f052bThis did wrong what Tokyo Ghoul did right, being not faithful to its original source. I am a manga reader of AgK and believe me, they literally cut out the best parts of Akame ga Kill in the anime. All of the exposition between the characters that developed them into actual human beings was just not there. They were just…things that killed each other because the plot demanded it. While episode 23 did do something nice in killing off Tatsumi (it is damn rare to see an shounen kill off its protagonist), that is the only thing I can compliment it on. The characters feel empty in Akame ga Kill and all the parts that were supposed to be emotionally gripping were just a melodramatic mess in the end.  Being a manga reader, I wanted this show to be fantastic and show the world that shounen can have meaning and backbone but Akame ga Kill just faded into the background just becoming a melodramatic, edgy mess.


Nagi no Asukara

181f0315c1ce8f67c86748e02c91cc7eI bet this will piss a lot of people off but Nagi no Asukara was not good, in fact it was bad. Whenever Mari Okada has to write romance, she seems to skip the entire relationship and character building and skips right to the drama of it all. I am not going to give a shit about characters that you didn’t actually give character to. If you want to have a DEEP romance anime then you need to spend time actually creating character within the characters before actually going into the knitty gritty side of things, especially if you are a 2-cour anime. The only episodes of Nagiasu that I would consider enjoyable were the 2 episodes where Manaka was “dead” after the timeskip because it was around that time when the characters were actually acting like human beings and were starting to have depth. But then Manaka came back…You know, it takes some extreme writing to have one character utterly destroy an entire show, so I guess that’s a compliment to the show in itself when you think about it.


Magical Warfare

154c36d6f5e37d908e9a621cedd9adaaI have yet to see one positive thing written about Magical Warfare. But it seems to just be universally hated among…well, everyone. Its kinda the opposite of Tokyo Ravens in the sense that I wished for some new character to be introduced that would spice up the show rather than being stuck with the same old boring cast that we have. One thing can be of worth from this show and that is that it is probably Mamoru Miyano’s worst ever performance in any show ever, he just acted like he didn’t even give a shit about the show and I don’t blame him. The show ended on a mind numbingly stupid plot twist in the hopes of getting a season 2. A funny thing about the show is that even the author of the source material came out and said that the show was a “mistake” and that it was a waste of time. Even the damn author says the show is shit.



Since nothing happened in this show, I’m going to write nothing about this show.

Spoilers: Its shit.


Sword Art Online Season 2

e7e663b56aeaa9a6051c7cbdfa2d2bcdCould it really be anything but this? In fairness, I thought season 2 would turn out to be much better than its predecessor since GGO was a promising arc, it wasn’t particularity good but from SAO standards, it was an enjoyable change of pace. It retconned itself and a lot of it was showing off Sinon and her butt but hey, it had SAO’s greatest villain and it did form some kind of tension. But then, the GGO arc ended and my hopes for the show died with it. What followed was just a Lets Play Alfheim Online with the cast of Sword Art Online as they went to go get a fantastic sword juuuuust for Kirito. My main thought on this entire arc was “Why?” like why did it need to exist? Nothing was gained from it other than a bitching sword for Kirito that may or may not come into play for his duel wielding later. It was absolutely pointless and just tainted what SAO could have become. But alas, that was just a filler arc or so I’ve been told. What followed was promised to me to be the greatest arc in Sword Art Online, Mother’s Rosario. I heard many good things about this arc and since it wasn’t going to be Kirito central all over again, it raised my expectations. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was thinking that it could get any better. Mother’s Rosario was just another filler arc which just circle jerked how great Asuna and Yuuki are. That was the entire purpose of the arc. It had no deeper substantial meaning and it certainly feels like Asuna is just going to forget about Yuuki in season 3. It just ended with a absurdly stupid plot twist that was totally unnecessary. I got personally annoyed by Sword Art Online season 2. SAO is the type of show that I would love to love since its premise is so promising and they put out ideas that they just can’t follow through with. In turn, this just makes SAO a show with failed potential, with a whole lot of bad that it must carry,

(Also, I heard that Psycho-Pass season 2 was horrible but I didn’t watch it so enjoy that misery on your own!)

You know, 2014 was an alright year for anime. When I look back on it, there were a lot of positives to take from it. One of my favourite ever shows aired this year, and while it is true that some bad shows did make its way through, it would just be awful of me to call 2014 a “bad year for Chinese cartoons” just because bad shows aired. 2015 looks pretty swell as well with some great season 2’s and the fabled return of Durarara.

You know, all I want out of 2015 is just more of the same good old anime we are used to…

…and some more Tomatsu Haruka main roles would be nice…

…….don’t think it would be too much to ask for Horizon season 3 as well….


Fall 2013 Anime Impressions – Pret gud

I’m lazy. I am currently writing my ALO post but that’s going at a snails pace. I had plans to write on other things but I didn’t cause I should finish ALO. So, to fill this gap of nothingness, I’m taking the easy way out and writing a “Seasonal Anime Impressions” post, the easiest thing you can write ever. Seriously, all you have to say is “Yeah, I like it. Animation is neat and the music is pretty cool. I like it” or “Yeah, its not the best, Animation is sub par and the music is meh, I don’t like it”. But, I will at least try and go the extra mile with this and put some effort into it. Who knows, I might even mention  the seiyuu cast.I do not intend to write about every show I’m watching as I am watching a decent amount (23 shows) so I will keep to the ones that stand out to me.

The Good

Samurai Flamenco

1384429724062This is a somewhat hidden gem this season. A lovely, playful show that is about a unsung “superhero” trying to fight justice for the greater good. Manglobe are behind this one and they are actually trying with this show. While I’m watching it, there isn’t a second where I can look away. Hazama is a genuine funny and cool guy. Goto is the straight forward cop that shows sign of heart break. Mari is…is….great. Just great. Fantastic even. Basically, the entire cast are a lovable bunch that are supremely entertaining. Thats what makes this show. The cast. If they weren’t how they were and were just some cookie-cutter tropes copy and pasted from every anime ever then this show wouldn’t even be close of reaching the peak it is at now. Lets just hope they can maintain this high and not crash down in a fiery mess.

Log Horizon

54267lMost of my thoughts on Log Horizon are still the same from my other post. Generally, there isn’t really anything I can poke flaws at here. MMO elements are realistic and cool. Characters are showing no signs of growing stale. Creates genuine emotion and thoughts when watching. From where it is now, Its leaving me with enough satisfaction to put it high up my favourite anime list.  The introduction of Nyanta gave LH a new spice of life and with the mystery of Shiroe’s plan, I’m left begging for more. Oh yeah, and Akatsuki is still the best.

Galilei Donna

1384061400080Three young girls with the aid of a pirate played by Hiroshi Kamiya are trying to solve Gailio’s mystery. I think that premise is pretty interesting if I do say so myself. Again, this is another show that seems to have flown under many peoples radar. With an amazing OP, Galilei Donna is turning out to be a contender for AOTS. It runs on a original plot that keeps you guessing each episode. It kinda reminds of Valvrave where each episode has its own little “surprise”, except its toned down 100 times. And without vampires. *Insertbestsisterthinghere*

Ace of Diamond

54235lSports anime have never been on the top of peoples watchlist. I, myself, was only excited for this show because I heard Hanae Natsuki was playing a main role so I was going to watch it regardless. I never expected it to be enjoyable! The baseball in this show plays a big part in it but that doesn’t mean you have to like baseball to like this show. The comedy is great and its all round fun show and one I look forward to every Sunday. I admit its not a show for everyone since comedy is the most subjective thing out there and the entire idea of sports can repulse someone but at least check out the ED by Yoko Hikasa. Its fantastic.

Honourable Mentions

  • Tokyo Ravens
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
  • Kakumeiki Valvrave S2
  • Ars Nova

The Bad

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

52633lLet me tell you the formula for each episode of Wrestling Boobs
>10 minutes of “EIITAII YOOOO~”
>5 mins of DEEP “Wrestling is srs stuf fellas”
>5 mins of idol fan service
>2 mins of “If I try hard enough, I can X so I can Y”
>3 mins of OP and ED
And that’s how you make this show. If that all appeals to you, then be my guest and watch it.When I started this show, I thought I would have a good laugh watching it. HA! NOPE! CAN’T LAUGH IF ITS PAINFUL TO WATCH! At least the seiyuu cast is nice…I guess.

BlazBlue: Alter Memory

56137lI’m sure the games are great. I’m sure its the anime’s fault for making this franchise look bad. I’m sure the characters make up for the lacklustre plot. I’m sure of this. However, this anime sucks. Its boring, character motivations are not clear, things happen because why not and the animation is leaving much to be desired. It gives the message to the anime only viewers to play the games, something I don’t really have an interest in. I was hoping this would just tell me the story of BlazBlue in an interesting way so I don’t have to play the games but looks like I’m left with no choice but abandon that train of thought.

Nagi no Asukara

53549lOh to be hyped for this show again. I remember it was the Fall season of 2012 when this was announced. “An original project with Hanae Natsuki and Hanazawa Kana to be animated by P.A Works”. Awesome! Two of my favourite seiyuus are going to be pairing up for one of my favourite studios. What could go wrong? Mari Okada, that’s what. She writes the most melodramatic bullshit in anime. And what did we get in NnA? Melodramatic bullshit. So long is the interesting plot of sea people. Sayonara to the use of great vocal talent. Adiós to the possibly good NTR romance anime. In summery,
Fuck you Mari Okada.

Honourable Mentions

  • Noukome
  • Yuushibu
  • Infinite Stratos S2

The Meh

Golden Time

52091lI like Golden Time. Don’t like it enough to call it good though. I do have some flaws with it that stick out too much for me. Namely, the show seems to concentrate on Koko a little too much. The show would be doing itself justice if it focused more on Tada and Linda since, y’know, they have problems other than “Wahhh, I’m so pretty and popular that I don’t know who to trust. Woe is me! Q.Q” Not a single ounce of sympathy was evoked from me for Koko. Whereas, Linda and Tada on the other hand, I actually give 2 shits about them. I do have some other faults with Golden Time but basically, if it shifts its focus into gear, I will like it a hell of a lot more.

Kill la Kill

54379lIts fun. That’s it really. I can’t really critique it since its achieving what it is aiming for, fun. So yeah…that’s about it. Like, I could go on how its just filler up until now and how everything has been a “disappointed” but with everything given for this show, I was expecting all this. Pure, nonsensical fun. Anything else than that would disappoint me. But “fun” alone can’t make a show good mind you. Just because something keeps you laughing and entertained doesn’t necessarily mean its good. It certainly doesn’t make it bad but if that were the case, every shounen out there would be considered a masterpiece.

Kyoukai no Kanata

53111lThis show started off pretty bad, then it had a decent 4th episode then it went to mediocrity. But now, we are moving to the “main event” of the show and things are starting to get rather interesting. However, it would be foolish of me to simply discredit the opening of the show and praise the living shit out of this portion of it. The good is in direct proportion with the bad and its kinda in this kinda awkward middle ground. Basically. KnK doesn’t really deserve all the shit its getting but on the same token it doesnt deserve the praise its receiving as well. But hey, at least the ED is great.

Honourable Mentions

  • Strike the Blood
  • Outbreak Company
  • Coppelion
  • Monogatari S2
  • Teekyuu S3

That about wraps things up here. I will be sure to let you know if my opinion changes on any of these shows. So far, my general impression on this season is very positive. The good shows out way the negatives by tonnes. Sure, there is your fair share of disappointments, fan service fests and poor adaptations but that’s standard with every season. When we have shows like Samurai Flamenco, Galilei Donna, Ace of Diamond and Log Horizon, complaining would only make me look like a an elitist prick. There are a fair share of 2-cour shows airing this season though. My only wish is that they do not falter throughout their course. Or rather “Fall” in quality…WELP. BACK TO CHINESE CARTOONS.

Log Horizon – A Few Points

Video games and anime have always seemed to have this awkward relationship. They are both great on their own and thrive in their own sense. However, when we go to where the lines overlap with these two mediums,  there hasn’t been any real satisfaction to be found. There doesn’t seem to be any real sense of priority in the said show/game. Its like they really want to be their counterpart but don’t want to waste what they have. I guess a way to put it is like a  schizophrenic who is self confident. Recent examples of this is Tales of Xillia and the infamous Sword Art Online. So, when I heard that there was an anime set in a game world airing this Autumn/Fall, I immediately checked the forecast for any caution in the coming winds and started preparing my grains of salt. I thought I would come away with a list of flaws to shun the anime. However, I finished watching and, oddly enough, I kinda enjoyed it. What is even happening anymore?

[CR] Log Horizon - 01 [1280x720].mkv_snapshot_01.48_[2013.10.06_12.55.26]

I generally had no faults with Log Horizon. Characters were nice, setting was cool, soundtrack was awesome (dat OP man) and the actual mechanics and knowledge of MMOs was smartly done. I realise that it has only been one episode and there is plenty enough time for this ship to sink so I might as well sing my praise while I still can. Also, I WILL make comparisons to SAO because its near impossible to not think of that show while watching this. Its a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless

Shiro, the protagonist, actually seems like a cool guy. He has friends, people know of him and generally he’s not a socially awkward twat like Kiritoshiro (Yes, we are starting with it already). I was glad to see that he immediately searched for his friend through voice chat (A service not provided in SAO, for whatever reasons) to see if he is OK and such. This may seem like a null point but since the friend is actually a guy, I think that is worth a mention.  He takes the role of a mage/wizard in the MMO. A nice choice in my opinion. Glad to see  that there is no “Lone, black swordsman of the south” or some shit going on. He has a reluctance to joining a guild. I found this rather interesting. This guy actually has friends and even knows other people in guilds (Marie and Henrietta) so it must be some history he has with guilds rather than just “HURR MUH EDGYNESS”. Could it of been a betrayal? Bullying? Blackmail? Who the hell knows, and that’s what I like about it.

Next on our roster that I would like to mention is our heroine, Akatsuki. She takes the role of the love interest in the show and overall female badass.  The problem I have with heroines like this (Namely Asuna) is that they don’t seem to have a backbone without their husbando. They wouldn’t be able to survive if their hero wasn’t there. We are yet to see whether this is true with Akatsuki but I didn’t really get any hints of it with her. She just seems to be a good player with a crush, like how it should be. She plays the class of the Assassin and since I usually play those roles in MMOs, she is  without a doubt the best and smartest character in the show. She is also the cutest.

[CR] Log Horizon - 01 [1280x720].mkv_snapshot_16.33_[2013.10.05_22.30.53]ALL ABOARD THE HNNNNNNG TRAIN

The setting in the show is rather mysterious. We aren’t really given much information on the world. This, in itself, is a good thing and a bad thing. Its a good thing because it lets the viewer use his/her imagination to theorise what are the rules and features of this world, The game mechanics that were given were pretty neat, if not simplistic. Voice chat, status bars, attack commands and tasteless food were all shown to the viewer. A decent amount of pondering can come out of this. Being told everything about a world from the get go isn’t something that should be a given. I prefer establishing characters and Log Horizon did it well while managing to creep these mechanics in. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to say that it is perfect. While everything shouldn’t be forced down the viewers throat from the start, some extra information would be nice. What time period are they in, what society is like, what are the characters like in the outside world and how did all this become to be are all questions that arise from this. While I’m trusting that these questions will be answered throughout the shows progression, some are just too jarring to simply be brushed over.

Soundtrack was cool as well. Some of the battle scenes music was great and really got the blood pumping while the dialogue music was [CR] Log Horizon - 01 [1280x720].mkv_snapshot_03.04_[2013.10.06_13.49.01]nice when it needed to be but those music pieces didn’t really stand out. Now, the OP. Its fucking amazing. I remember listening to it in the PV and I thought it was quite OTT. However, now that I’ve heard it as it aired, I just can’t stop listening to it, hell I’m listening to it right now. Visuals used are great and it shows plenty of promise as to what is to come. I’m just hoping that they don’t change it even though that is inevitable. Well, I guess I will enjoy it while I still can.

Well that’s it for this post. Wasn’t even planning on it being this long. but Log Horizon probably was the show that left the biggest impact on me from this season starters. While there is a tremendous amount of room for this show to fail, I greatly hope it doesn’t. Here’s hoping I won’t be writing “Log Horizon – Who said this show would be better than SAO?” in 25 weeks time.

EDIT: Found this posted on /a/. Kinda ruins my whole “What the world is like” paragraph but whatever 1381080385038

Summer Season 2013 – First Impressions

The Spring season has ended and without letting anyone taking a breather, the Summer season has come to steal us away into our rooms and away from that thing called the…sun, I think that’s what its called anyway. The Spring line-up had a lot of very solid shows. Some were surprises like OreGairu, Maou Sama and, a personal favourite of mine, Arata Kangatari. It also had its fair share of controversy with the infamous rape scene in Valvrave (and some implied rape in other shows), the masses getting some massive erections from Shingeki no Kyojin, causing a massive rift in the anime community, and…OreImo…lets not talk about that. So with everything we have bared witness to, can the Summer season follow up in any way or even better then Spring?

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

Not much can be said on this. If you’ve read the manga, then good for you, because the show is more or less a complete adaptation of the manga while throwing in some jokes of its own and adding some nice visuals. Everyone had their worries prior to this about the seiyuu for Tomoko. I like to think she did a good job portraying her. The stuttering in her voice when she tries to make conversation, the cynical inner monologues she makes about her peers and the inner torment of “Am i kawaii? uguu” are all done surprisingly well. There is also the matter of the OP. I like it simply because it contradicts the show so much when you think of its contents. A heavy metal sing with Tomoko acting bat shit crazy is just amusing in its own way. Also, the actual song is cool as well

[HorribleSubs] Watamote - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.48_[2013.07.09_13.07.26]OP of the season. I love the way Tomoko looks so crazy in this.


Hue. This was either going to go 2 ways. 1) It gives off UtaPri vibes in being incredibly self aware and, in turn, is hilarious or 2) Shameless pandering to fujoshi. Thankfully, its the former. I cant exactly say anything about it other than “There were some guys swimming…There was also this other dude that always wore swimming trunks….yeah” so i’m not going to bother. Instead, I liked to congratulate OLDCODEX for moving up in the world of anime. Just last season they made the ED for Arata and now they have the OP for Free!. I just think that’s kinda funny.1372866938602Women? In Free!? Bold move, KyoAni, bold move.

Kiniro Mosaic

Cute. Just cute. Some might say 2cute. This was one of the “moe” shows that I said I would watch for a laugh. I had to massage my face after watching it cause I was smiling for the entire thing. i don’t know what it was or how they did it but…I just couldn’t stop smiling. So yeah, its caught my interest.[HorribleSubs] Kiniro Mosaic - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.10_[2013.07.09_16.45.29]I can hear the HNNNNNGGs from a mile away.

Dangan Ronpa

My initial thoughts on this show were quite positive. I thought that it created its world nicely, its got a wide array of characters and the voice cast is good as well with Ogata Megumi playing the male lead and others like Yoko Hikasa, Sawashiro Miyuki and Ishida Akira. I thought this. Right up until I played the actual game for Dangan Ronpa. Holy crap, this is poorly paced. The first episode alone covered around one hour of solid gameplay. Its also making events happen that is convenient to the anime, such as characters doing actions that other characters did and rearranging certain events to cut down on air time. They also managed to leave out some rather important plot points but i’m hoping those will be covered later. Still, i’m curious to see how it covers some things though, like if the blood is going to be hot pink and also how the class trials are going to be fun (I hope). All in all, I recommend playing the game. [UTW]_Danganronpa_The_Animation_-_01_[h264-720p][A15D14F2].mkv_snapshot_05.20_[2013.07.09_16.51.20]Oy vey.

Servant x Service

And so we move on to the comedy of the season and a rather decent one at that. The comedy in this show isn’t what you call “original” or “fresh”, however it manages to deal with these tropes if you will and make them rather amusing. My only real concern for the show is that it will repeat the same jokes with just different scenarios. But if I were to judge on this episode alone, then I say its definitely worth a watch.[HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.25_[2013.07.05_14.42.39]10/10 Would hang out for a beer.

Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu

Another “moe” show I watched on a whim. So glad I did. I’d be lying if I said the show didn’t catch my attention when reading about it. GAINAX making a show about cute girls shooting at other cute girls. The only thing that was stopping me was my post Keion trauma that left me turning my heel on a show that would be described as “cute”. But thinking that Yuru Yuri aired in the last Summer season, I thought I try a few shows out, and this was one of them. Watching this, I realised that GAINAX surely is saving the industry. I think I laughed more at this show then I did with any other show this season. Truly a masterpiece. Rivals Evangelion. Would recommend to a friend.[Anime-Koi] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 01 [h264-720p][F2C0C15F].mkv_snapshot_09.06_[2013.07.05_13.38.13]“HOMONA HENTAI DESU~” Best girl.

Uchouten Kazoku

I’m not sure what it was about this show but it just felt…right. It had a certain charm about that was just fascinating to watch. The fantastic artwork done by P.A works along with the modern setting and supernatural premise just…works. There isn’t any other words to describe it honestly. My expectations for this show were pretty low as the premise just sounded too ridiculous that I might end up hating it or just making sub par but this episode blew those expectations out of the water and proceeded to laugh at them. The synopsis of this show simply gives the background to the show whereas the actual show deals with events dealing with that background. Its handled really well and is definitely worth your time.[HorribleSubs] Uchouten Kazoku - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.30_[2013.07.09_16.54.41]P.A works saving anime, one masterpiece at a time.

Brothers Conflict


Highschool DxD New

I watched the first season of DxD for the boobs and for a laugh, however the finale of the show was kinda…decent. It actually got me hyped for a potential season 2. And a season 2 is what we got. And what we got were more boobs and more laughs. I counted it, it was 3 seconds into the episode when we feasted our eyes on Rias uncensored bust. I wasnt shocked at all. In fact, if it didn’t do that, I would be kinda worried. The show differs from its prequel by saying “Hey, boobs are cool and all but we want to go somewhere with this season” by giving Kiba an interesting background and story. It was nice to see him develop into something other than just a highschool playboy. However, everyone one else is simply an object for fan service…not like i’m complaining or anything…its just…yeah[FFF] Highschool DxD NEW - 01 [5628B610].mkv_snapshot_01.30_[2013.07.08_01.26.19]I don’t think anything sums DxD better than this screencap.

Blood Lad 

I like to think as this as a comedy so i’m going to label it as one. The one thing the strikes me about this show is the art style. I think its done very nicely and is very pleasing for the eye. Its very colourful and captures the mood of the show nicely. The actual show itself is alright I guess. Nothing really stands out as of yet in the plot other than the setting. However, I am a sucker for the type of shows that the MC is brought to a new world and has to adapt accordingly so this show should a pretty fun watch for me at least.[HorribleSubs] Blood Lad - 01v2 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.56_[2013.07.09_16.58.05]Softest anime airing this season.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou

This show is…meh. I can compliment it on trying something original but that’s only what i can compliment it on. Comedy is funny at times but is also cringe worthy at other times, the characters can be interesting at times but also flat and cliché at other times. You can see where I’m going with this. It can do things right but can also fail at the same things entirely. I guess that’s another compliment it on, being able to do things right and do the same things wrong in the same episode.[HorribleSubs] Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.01_[2013.07.09_17.01.36]One of the scenes done right. Female lead contemplating having sex with a dog. Yeah.

Makai Ouji

Standard. That’s it. Just standard. I walked away from the pilot and just said “meh”. Nothing turned me away but nothing grasped my attention. The seiyuu cast is good, I guess.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

The black horse of this season. It has the potential to do great but it also has the potential to fail greatly. However, the first episode was really well done. It set up its world with grace, introduced the characters smoothly and showed off its character designs fantastically. The general reaction from this show was positive and there wasnt any real, huge complaints, so im guessing that everyone else is on the same wavelength as I. Well, you know what had the same compliments from me this time last year. Sword Art Online. Yeah, I went there.[DeadFish] Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi - 01 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_07.23_[2013.07.09_17.03.54]This was a real cute scene. Then it was followed by suffering. Why does this thing keep happening?

The World God Only Knows – Goddess Arc

Looks like Manglobe really cant count to three. Anyways, this season sees the return of our hero, Keima Katsuragi. With the coming of this season, is the skipping of the arcs in between the Goddess arc. Some people were angry at this and some people didn’t care. I’m the latter of the two. To animate those arcs AND get the goddess arc which we all wanted would’ve been impossible due to lack of budget on Manglobes side. The season starts off with the introduction of Apollo and in turn indicates the arc that WILL sell. There was nothing really to talk about other than the last 5 minutes or so. It was glorious. The memory regain, the blushing Kanon and the confession. I couldn’t handle it. I was prepared for it. I knew it was going to happen. But I couldn’t handle it. It was perfection. Toyama Nao did a great performance as Kanon and its worth the wait and skipped chapters. My only real concern is that the pacing is going to jump throughout the show, as in go from being slow to being fast. It might be tough to cover a hundred or so chapters in 1 cour when the first episode covered 3 chapters. Regardless, it will be entertaining and they will have to do something major to make me hate this show.[HorribleSubs] The World God Only Knows - Goddesses Arc - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.44_[2013.07.08_20.15.38]Almost had a heart attack here.

Monogotari – Second Season

Not sure why im watching this. Maybe because im a completionist or I just want to see the shitstorms. either way I’m watching it. If there is only one  thing I can compliment the show is that it manages to look good and sneak a funny joke from time to time…yeah that’s it really.[HorribleSubs] Monogatari Series Second Season - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.13_[2013.07.09_17.08.41]I love the faces though.

Love Lab

Was honestly just about to publish this when I remembered about this show. Guess that says it all doesn’t it? In all seriousness, this was a funny show. Nothing much else to it though. Just funny and cute. Oh, and that Maki is olev. I’m sorry if you are disappointed but a show where two girls make a club to learn about hand holding and boys kinda speaks for itself.[Commie] Love Lab - 01 [708F7A56].mkv_snapshot_05.07_[2013.07.09_17.12.00]Ive realised lately than I need a defibrillator on hand when watching anime.

Gatchaman Crowds

GATCHAAA- You know what, no, I’m not going there. The first thing that struck me about this anime is the visuals. The anime takes a very modern approach and it works sublimely well. The colours worked in keep your attention and doesn’t allow you to look away for a second. The second thing that struck me was how incredible Hajime is. Her seiyuu does a fantastic job portraying her, despite her biggest role being Rikka from Chuu2. She sounds so authentic and her lines dont sound forced in any way. She does a perfect job. Another thing about her is that she overshadows a lot of generic male leads with her “I got powers now? SWEET, LETS KICK SOME ASS!” attitude. It makes the story more exciting and just more fun to watch. One last thing I would like to compliment the anime on is that it quite subtly tells us about its world and creates mystery behind it. An example of which was when the two students were sitting on the school stairs talking about Gatchaman. This tells us that Gatchaman are known as a myth or an urban legend. I think it was done really nicely.1373647894166:>

Gin no Saji

Growing up in rural Ireland, farmland is all around you, no matter where you look. I’ve seen numerous cows taking shits in numerous fields, smelt the smell of many unfortunate chickens, seen many farmers chop the fur off many confused sheep  etcetc. So when I heard an anime about agriculture was in the works, my initial thoughts were “Oh boy, I get to see what I see everyday IN ANIME FORM…think I might give this skip”. But after hearing much hype from people and seeing the production quality, I decided to give it a go. I sure am glad I did. This is anime similar to Uchouten Kazoku as in it has its charm about it that makes it worthwhile. Just seeing everyday life in the school is just fascinating. It has its comedic elements that are interesting to say the least. It could be as brutal as chopping a chickens head off or as simple as animals chewing on Yugo’s clothes.[HorribleSubs] Gin no Saji - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.41_[2013.07.12_22.09.22]Damn, why couldn’t they censor this?

This Summer season promises a lot of good and interesting shows with very few exceptions. We have a wide array of comedy, shounen, shoujo, shorts and sequels, each offering something different. I doubt I will drop any of these shows (well, I dont drop anime in general) and many have me looking forward to its respective airing date. Overall, this season shows plenty of promise and only something colossally big can cause me to differ my opinion.